1. A New Orchestra - First Meeting in Photographs

    10 Jun 2021
    7th June 2021 saw the first meeting of some of the most celebrated chamber musicians in the world, at the inception of a new orchestra in the Chilterns.  I was asked to document the gathering and first rehearsal in the unusual location that had been chosen, a huge barn in…

  2. Why 50mm and a Leica M3?

    01 Feb 2021
    … and why not 35mm on an M2, given that’s my preferred focal length? I was using film long before the digital age and continue to use it occasionally alongside digital, it’s not a novelty. Most of the time I feel digital is “better” at everything measurable; speed, resolution, cost.…

  3. Making Photo Books

    23 Dec 2020
    “You are looking at an illuminated screen, it’s a new viewing experience, although it’s like a medieval stained glass also, the light coming through the image makes it a little jewel.” Joel Sternfeld There is nothing “wrong” with a screen as the final output… BUT As good as images are…

  4. Learning - Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation

    14 Nov 2020
    I have talked about my love for prints and books previously. In these difficult times, a couple of workshops I have had in mind haven’t been possible and so I have looked to other methods of learning. There have been some really good live webinars around, including with Joe McNally…

  5. Thoughts on the Fujifilm X100V

    23 Oct 2020
    I have now had a couple of months with the Fujifilm X100V. It is an excellent camera, a good compromise of features that fits a specific purpose for me, for every day carry This is my outpouring of opinions, hopefully helpful for readers but as always, also for me to

  6. Close but Unnoticed

    07 Oct 2020
    You may have noticed a slight reorganisation of the photographs on this site. Over a few years I have done a lot of work on close up, wide angle “candid portraits”, I have never thought of this as a project although looking back I think it probably is, certainly they…

  7. City of London

    22 Sep 2020
    With restrictions on overseas breaks at the moment, the City of London feels a little bit like travel, it’s not somewhere I regularly go - the West End being my “home town” for street photography.  Less people and more architecture or scenes means I have been comfortably using the Nikon…

  8. The second camera system - Fujifilm X100V

    30 Aug 2020
    Sometimes two systems seems at best an indulgence and at worst, just an obsession with gear. As I have said before, I love photos and photography more than cameras, although over the years there is certainly some equipment I enjoy using more than others London 2020 - low light, high…

  9. Nikon Z 24mm f/1.8 S - Why no love for primes?

    21 Aug 2020
    Across systems I see universal preference for zoom lenses, whether it is the excellent Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO, Olympus 12-100mm f/4 PRO, Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S or the newer and clearly excellent Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S. But there is very little discussion of primes today, they seem much…

  10. Backpack or Shoulder Bag

    18 Jul 2020
    My style of street photography has been challenging in the current situation, so I have been spending a bit of time photographing the environment around me, rather than the people I have chosen camera bags around what works walking in urban areas with a small amount of equipment, normally just…

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