1. Is Instagram Bad for Photography?

    Date 08 Mar 2019
    How do we share photographs with nuance and detail now. It’s not the normal and it’s changing photography. Pictures are too small, I think composition and more generally style, is becoming increasingly driven around showing impact in a 2 inch square image - detail is lost, even on the best…

  2. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II versus Nikon Z6

    Date 28 Feb 2019
    Having spent more time with Nikon cameras than any other brand, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted by the new Z system and for my needs, specifically the Nikon Z6 This is not a side by side comparison or comparative review, simply my thoughts on the…

  3. It Starts with a Screen

    Date 04 Feb 2019
    We are abandoning rangefinders and optical viewfinders in DSLRs in favour of EVFs - mirrorless is the future. But this means we now start with an electronic screen - the very beginning of a photograph is now looking at the world on a sub-1” LCD or OLED before pressing the…

  4. Travel Photography - Walt Disney World, Florida

    Date 09 Aug 2018
    I tend to keep my personal photography personal, you won’t see very many family pictures on this photography blog (or on my Instagram feed) but in line with earlier travel articles, I thought I would mention a few thoughts from my family holiday last month to Walt Disney World in…

  5. Developing in Street Photography

    Date 30 Jun 2018
    Why Street? I wrote a few words on why I enjoy travel photography back in November. As you will probably know if you have followed me to this blog, my main interest for many years has been what is now described as street photography. I do street photography (I prefer…

  6. Technology and Computational Photography

    Date 04 Jun 2018
    What does tech bring? Technology advances in the days of analogue photography were mostly around slow improvements to film emulsions and fast development of autofocus - both of these are now mature technologies.  Mirrorless cameras and computational improvements have opened the door to a new wave of change in a

  7. BlackRapid and OpTech sling and strap systems compared

    Date 22 May 2018
    BlackRapid and OpTech make a wide range of camera straps, slings and solutions for all manner of photographic equipment. For many years I used simple cloth straps on rangefinder cameras and an OpTech Pro strap for SLRs Now that I have moved to lighter micro four thirds Olympus cameras for…

  8. 5 Reasons to Go Wider - super wide angle lenses

    Date 11 May 2018
    A number of kit zooms start at around the 28mm mark - or “full frame equivalent” focal length, some start a bit wider, but the focus of this article is to look at some of the attractions of going out specifically with a super-wide, 24mm or wider for “normal” people…

  9. Landscape Photography - still learning!

    Date 29 Apr 2018
    The learning curve is steep, but I am really enjoying trying something different. The big difference with my landscape photographs is that I “went there” to take photos, almost all of my other photography is opportunist, I was there (or close enough) anyway. Generally it’s really relaxing, normally a nice…

  10. 35 Problems with Micro Four Thirds

    Date 05 Apr 2018
    Looking back over my photographs across several decades, it’s clear that for my people and travel photographs I always end up coming back to a 35mm equivalent lens. Lately I have been going wider and love the wonderful Olympus 12mm f/2 lens on my OM-D E-M1 mark II for street photography, I…

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