1. Myopia, LCD screens and Leica X 113

    2017-05-20 23:10:44 UTC
    The Leica X series of cameras seems to be on the way out, whilst the T range may have some future, the sightly oddball X-U now remains the sole member of this line of APS-C sensor equipped fixed lens cameras. The closest Leica replacement is the Q, albeit at more…

  2. Photographic Aspect Ratios

    2017-05-18 18:12:39 UTC
    Sometimes I crop to focus attention or remove unwanted items in a picture. Often a change in the aspect ratio of an image can change the whole look or feel.  The aspect ratios dictated by film or sensor are a starting point but I don’t feel bound by them, in…

  3. Implications of the Sony Alpha A9

    2017-04-22 17:14:00 UTC
    I have been a user of Nikon SLRs for 25 years and feel a commitment to the system, I understand it and can use it easily and without thinking. I also have an investment in lenses, accessories and camera bodies. However because over half of my pictures are natural light…

  4. Nikon 20mm f/3.5 AI-S

    2017-04-20 07:42:00 UTC
    20mm is not a focal length I have used frequently but it’s fun to work with — 35mm is pretty normal, 24mm is definitely wide but can still be used easily in many situations, its a nice focal length for travel and landscape, 20mm gives an extreme point of view.…

  5. Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/2

    2017-04-07 11:10:00 UTC
    The Zeiss Milvus 35mm f/2 ZF.2 is a very recent purchase for me but has been some time in planning. Zeiss lenses for DSLRs are manufactured in significantly smaller numbers than their equivalents from the major brands, I see them much less frequently than Canon, Nikon and Sigma who seem…

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