My photography

This site contains a small selection of my travel and ‘people’ photography from around 2005 onward.

My street photography pictures fall in line with David Gibson's definition "...street photography can be applied to any photographs taken in a public space, with or without the inclusion of people, which are entirely natural, and not set up. Street photography is real, it is ordinary life made extraordinary by a great variety of photographers."

The photos are not staged or posed, I prefer candid portraits generally without interaction, although I don’t try to hide what I am doing. I use short lenses so am pretty close, occasionally I will give a smile or say thanks afterwards. You can find my newest pictures on Instagram. There is further information on the equipment I use here.


Film photos are on Ilford and Fuji film with Nikon SLRs and Leica rangefinders, digital with Nikon and Olympus cameras lightly processed from RAW in Capture One. Full equipment list here.

Home and work

I live in St. Albans, Hertfordshire in the UK and am a founder and director for Lifeline IT, an IT support business.

My corporate website is here. If you are looking for my bike build blog you can find it here.

Anything else

If you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with me using the contact form, or connect with me on social media via the links on the left.

Thank you for visiting.

Daniel Mitchell, 2017

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