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  1. Choosing Capture One or Adobe Lightroom

    05 Dec 2019

    Post processing software has been on my mind this week, yesterday Capture One 20 was released and I have just finished listening to Derrick Story’s podcast, which I highly recommend, in which Derrick discusses photo editing applications. He took a poll of enthusiasts and professionals, in which Adobe’s Lightroom legacy…

  2. A few days in New York City with the Nikon Z6

    02 Nov 2019

    There is something about New York City, friends are always the best reason for me to visit, but from a photography point of view it’s the people and the light. The noise, the hustle and bustle is a gift for candid street photographers, stories on every corner - the people.…

  3. Travel Photography - Walt Disney World, Florida

    09 Aug 2018

    I tend to keep my personal photography personal, you won’t see very many family pictures on this photography blog (or on my Instagram feed) but in line with earlier travel articles, I thought I would mention a few thoughts from my family holiday last month to Walt Disney World in…

  4. 5 Reasons to Go Wider - super wide angle lenses

    11 May 2018

    A number of kit zooms start at around the 28mm mark - or “full frame equivalent” focal length, some start a bit wider, but the focus of this article is to look at some of the attractions of going out specifically with a super-wide, 24mm or wider for “normal” people…

  5. Augmented Reality, Photo Albums Return

    12 Jun 2017

    In 2013, Craig Mod wrote a fascinating article in the New Yorker, I particularly liked his comment on how digital cameras were a stop gap between the Leica M3 and networked lenses. Apple’s WWDC last week got me thinking further, the steps towards everyday augmented reality that featured are a…

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