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  1. Making Photo Books

    2020-12-23 23:22:04 UTC

    “You are looking at an illuminated screen, it’s a new viewing experience, although it’s like a medieval stained glass also, the light coming through the image makes it a little jewel.” Joel Sternfeld There is nothing “wrong” with a screen as the final output… BUT As good as images are…

  2. Learning - Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation

    2020-11-14 19:05:19 UTC

    I have talked about my love for prints and books previously. In these difficult times, a couple of workshops I have had in mind haven’t been possible and so I have looked to other methods of learning. There have been some really good live webinars around, including with Joe McNally…

  3. Choosing Capture One or Adobe Lightroom

    2019-12-05 00:13:55 UTC

    Post processing software has been on my mind this week, yesterday Capture One 20 was released and I have just finished listening to Derrick Story’s podcast, which I highly recommend, in which Derrick discusses photo editing applications. He took a poll of enthusiasts and professionals, in which Adobe’s Lightroom legacy…

  4. Collecting Photographs

    2019-08-27 19:42:23 UTC

    The best advice I have received to improve my own photography is to look at the work of other photographers. Almost everything is available on-line now, but for me nothing compares to printed photographs Books are good and financially accessible, although generally print runs are small and once a volume…

  5. Wildlife With the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    2019-08-12 20:55:41 UTC

    Ring-Tailed Lemur - 40mm f/2.8 1/1250 This is an excuse to share something a bit different for me, aside from documenting family and travel, I typically pick up my camera for street photography. At the end of 2017 I took a one-on-one workshop on landscape photography, not only did this…

  6. Developing in Street Photography

    2018-06-30 18:44:00 UTC

    Why Street? I wrote a few words on why I enjoy travel photography back in November. As you will probably know if you have followed me to this blog, my main interest for many years has been what is now described as street photography. I do street photography (I prefer…

  7. Landscape Photography - still learning!

    2018-04-29 21:56:00 UTC

    The learning curve is steep, but I am really enjoying trying something different. The big difference with my landscape photographs is that I “went there” to take photos, almost all of my other photography is opportunist, I was there (or close enough) anyway. Generally it’s really relaxing, normally a nice…

  8. Landscape Photography - Learning

    2017-09-14 21:38:00 UTC

    Out of my comfort zone Aside from family photos, I mainly take street and travel pictures, in fact even my travel pictures are largely people based. I want to continue to develop technically and whilst I have a high level of technical knowledge, I am trying to learn off-camera flash…

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