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  1. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II versus Nikon Z6 - Part II

    20 Oct 2019

    I wanted to write this follow up to my brief side-by-side look at these two cameras as quickly as possible after my purchase of the Nikon Z6. Judging by the web traffic to the first article it is a choice that many are considering. I don’t love photography equipment, I…

  2. Wildlife With the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    12 Aug 2019

    Ring-Tailed Lemur - 40mm f/2.8 1/1250 This is an excuse to share something a bit different for me, aside from documenting family and travel, I typically pick up my camera for street photography. At the end of 2017 I took a one-on-one workshop on landscape photography, not only did this…

  3. Film vs. Digital Revisited - Opposites Attract

    20 Jun 2019

    For my street photography, I predominantly use an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II - alongside this but less frequently, I use a 1958 Leica M3 - for me these are close to being the best cameras for the way I take pictures - but they couldn’t be more different Olympus…

  4. Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 17mm 1:1.2 PRO Review

    11 Apr 2019

    Why have I finally dropped my resistance and chosen to buy this lens I have always favoured the 35mm focal length in film and “full frame” digital - it’s not the first time I have compromised on weight, size, price, even functionality, to get the best I can possibly squeeze…

  5. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II versus Nikon Z6

    28 Feb 2019

    This is the first of a two part article, part 2 which goes into further depth is here Having spent more time with Nikon cameras than any other brand, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted by the new Z system and for my needs, specifically the…

  6. Travel Photography - Walt Disney World, Florida

    09 Aug 2018

    I tend to keep my personal photography personal, you won’t see very many family pictures on this photography blog (or on my Instagram feed) but in line with earlier travel articles, I thought I would mention a few thoughts from my family holiday last month to Walt Disney World in…

  7. Technology and Computational Photography

    04 Jun 2018

    What does tech bring? Technology advances in the days of analogue photography were mostly around slow improvements to film emulsions and fast development of autofocus - both of these are now mature technologies.  Mirrorless cameras and computational improvements have opened the door to a new wave of change in a

  8. BlackRapid and OpTech sling and strap systems compared

    22 May 2018

    BlackRapid and OpTech make a wide range of camera straps, slings and solutions for all manner of photographic equipment. For many years I used simple cloth straps on rangefinder cameras and an OpTech Pro strap for SLRs Now that I have moved to lighter micro four thirds Olympus cameras for…

  9. 5 Reasons to Go Wider - super wide angle lenses

    11 May 2018

    A number of kit zooms start at around the 28mm mark - or “full frame equivalent” focal length, some start a bit wider, but the focus of this article is to look at some of the attractions of going out specifically with a super-wide, 24mm or wider for “normal” people…

  10. Landscape Photography - still learning!

    29 Apr 2018

    The learning curve is steep, but I am really enjoying trying something different. The big difference with my landscape photographs is that I “went there” to take photos, almost all of my other photography is opportunist, I was there (or close enough) anyway. Generally it’s really relaxing, normally a nice…

  11. 35 Problems with Micro Four Thirds

    05 Apr 2018

    Looking back over my photographs across several decades, it’s clear that for my people and travel photographs I always end up coming back to a 35mm equivalent lens. Lately I have been going wider and love the wonderful Olympus 12mm f/2 lens on my OM-D E-M1 mark II for street…

  12. Micro Four Thirds still has its place

    12 Mar 2018

    Moving subjects in low light, perhaps from a fixed shooting position without concern over the size and weight of equipment - this is the realm of full frame. The announcement of the Sony A7 III last week has caused concern on some forums, this being a mature, sub £2000 full…

  13. Nikon D850 - swan song of DSLRs?

    08 Feb 2018

    Is the D850 the swan song of DSLR’s, or as Gordon Laing (of CameraLabs) said on Valérie Jardin’s Podcast, “a last hurrah”? Sharky James is running a competition on his excellent Petapixel Photography podcast, to win the camera of your choice, offering the Nikon D850 or Sony A7r III as…

  14. Seal - Always carry a camera

    22 Nov 2017

    This afternoon I was walking through the West End with my sister and niece and followed the sound of music to the BBC - I was lucky enough to walk past as Seal was doing a soundcheck for a later performance. Conditions were far from ideal, no time, very crowded,…

  15. Do I still need Full Frame?

    11 Aug 2017

    I discovered Scott Bourne’s photography relatively recently, he has a great podcast at Scott quite publicly made a move from full frame DSLR to Olympus micro four thirds. As Scott is principally a bird photographer his system requirements are very different to mine, he makes it clear that he…

  16. Olympus OM-D E-M1 - Street and Travel

    06 Jun 2017

    The Olympus OM-D E-M1 beside the Leica X typ 113 and EVF I purchased my Olympus OM-D E-M1 second hand mainly for street photography, perhaps travel, primarily looking to address two shortcomings of my Leica X typ 113 as my “go to” compact travel camera - lack of a built…

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