Eric Kim’s ARS

ARS is the somewhat unfortunately named platform recently launched by Eric Kim. With all the hype around new social network Vero, on receiving the beta invite, I must admit to being a bit sceptical. However, I jumped to the wrong conclusion, this is the thing, its not a social network. The simplicity is actually the strength of this new idea. You anonymously post your images and anonymously rate the photographs of others. The anonymity of posting is not entirely private, you can see the photographers names and images when selecting them from the Top Images listing.

There is no following, tagging or commenting. In reality all this web application is, is a way of getting feedback on how good your pictures are, or at least how much others like the photographs. Because art of any type is so subjective, I don’t think you can be overly sensitive and a certain type of picture does seem to frequently make the “top images” list - high contrast / monochrome / street, but for a bit of fun and perhaps to get a quick idea of what others think, it’s certainly worth a go.

Funnily enough, my top rated image on the platform is one that I think is OK, not a favourite. It is not, nor is it pretending to be high quality critique - it’s “binary” feedback and good fun. Take a look here.

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