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  1. Leica M3 - The best film rangefinder for a 50mm lens

    2019-09-24 15:57:32 UTC

    By way of history, I have had a few Leica cameras over the last 20 years, all have been film with the exception of my Leica X typ113. My first Leica was a IIIc, purchased mostly out of curiosity, which I used for a little while with a similarly aged…

  2. Film vs. Digital Revisited - Opposites Attract

    2019-06-20 16:29:41 UTC

    For my street photography, I predominantly use an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II - alongside this but less frequently, I use a 1958 Leica M3 - for me these are close to being the best cameras for the way I take pictures - but they couldn’t be more different Olympus…

  3. Reflecting on Film Photography

    2017-08-25 16:54:00 UTC

    The Waiting - I recently purchased a couple of rolls of Ilford HP5+ film for my “well rested” Nikon FE, no real reason or thinking behind it, just something I have enjoyed every so often since moving to digital. The first roll is now off for developing, previously I would…

  4. Photographic Aspect Ratios

    2017-05-18 18:12:39 UTC

    Sometimes I crop to focus attention or remove unwanted items in a picture. Often a change in the aspect ratio of an image can change the whole look or feel.  The aspect ratios dictated by film or sensor are a starting point but I don’t feel bound by them, in…

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